Daniel Orchanian
Web Developer & Trainer


Pass on knowledge

In addition to being a developer, my other passion is teaching.

After six years of teaching in high school, I decide to put this experience to good use in the world of web development training. I give lessons on various topics: programming languages, frameworks, tools...

I plan to make courses available for beginners to help them get a handle on things.

Lead to success

I also give private lessons based on my availability. A project to complete, notions that seem confusing, or simply a desire to learn... I am here to support you.

You can contact me on one of the following platforms, or directly by e-mail.


Daniel helped me a lot with the Java and JavaScript courses. His explanations are clear and I am satisfied. I highly recommend him! Thank you very much, Daniel, for your help!
Assel D.
Daniel is calm, friendly and very educational.
Mickael S.
Competent teacher, pedagogue, concerned with the success of his students! The stage is set... Lessons go very well, the concepts which have difficulty in being understood will be reviewed as many times as necessary, with examples and explanations in a relaxed atmosphere. Mr. Daniel will provide you with technical updates related to your subject in addition to the lessons. I highly recommend.
Jordan V.
Very clear and patient, Daniel knows how to find the right examples.